Wrażenia po wizycie na Cyprze.

Magdalena Kornacka

The meeting in Cyprus was amazing!! We had a lot of fun and met great people from other countries.
Also, during these five days, we could practice English and got to know Cypriot culture. Everyone was very friendly and hospitable. If you have the opportunity to take part in the trip like this, just go for it.

Karina Capiga
My feelings about visit in Cyprus are very good. People there are very friendly and dearly . I met many people and got many friends. Places are wonderful. I like palms and oranges trees everywhere very much. The most I like is the sea and the beach, because I love it! The food is different from Polish food but it's not bad. I like meat with lemon. It taste very good. In Cyprus I felt like on holidays – it was calm and very sunny. I would like to visit Cyprus again. Karina

Kornelia Kędra
The visit in Cyprus was an interesting experience. I met a lot of people and I saw beautiful places. The project Comenius can teach you about the culture and habits of other countries.

Daria Gola
The trip to Cyprus was very exciting.
I have a lot of beautiful memories.
I met a lot of new friends and my other family :)
Cyprus is an interesting place.
I think the first place to which I would like to go on vacation is Cyprus. :)